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Director.  Screenwriter.  Cinematographer.  Author.

Very few women have directed multiple feature films.  Mary is directing her fifth. After discovering the joys of telling stories on super8 film in second grade, Mary moved on to direct Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden and Tony winner Marian Seldes in HOME (2009), Liam Neeson in THE LAST HORSEMEN OF NEW YORK (2018), and worked with Alan Alda in commercial filming (2020). ​

In an era when few women did so, Mary blazed the trail by taking on cinematography and editing on all of her features, films she also wrote. The New York Times said HOME was "beautifully acted," and several reviewers felt Harden's performance was worthy of Oscar consideration. Documentary has now captured Mary's fancy, and she is currently filming the turbulent political landscape of her home state for her upcoming feature TIPPING POINT PA.

In spite of her interest in the craft's technical aspects, Mary has always understood the importance of story. That's why, when a biopic she pursued stumbled onto historically significant information, she segued into a research project and pivoted to writing a book, A WOMAN I KNOW (Crown Publishing) which made Barnes and Noble's Best Literary Nonfiction list for 2023. Mary now aspires to create a historical series based on a new window she has uncovered into the Kennedy assassination.

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Composer.  Producer.  Sound designer.

A true pioneer of electronic music, Michele has been recognized as a visionary early adopter of the computer as an instrument of art. Her early work  EYECHANT was recently  re-released on Freedom To Spend / RVNG records and distributed internationally to rave reviews. RVNG followed up by releasing a dual-record retrospective of Michele's work titled BESIDE HERSELF and the limited edition cassette PICTURES OF ECHOES

When she's not back in her studio wearing headsets, Michele can be found producing films and scoring all our productions. Maybe most people would put it first in their bio that they produced films with Oscar and Tony-winning actors, but most people would not be Michele. Michele has also recorded location sound for Hollywood productions and edited sound on several feature films.

After performing her first European tour in the fall of 2019, complete with a multimedia component that she directed, Michele hit the studio and recorded a new body of music scheduled to be released along with the book that inspired it. A live performance film from Michele's tour is in the works, and several music videos have been released based on her work, including ELECTRONUMENTARY (2019), produced by Haverstick Films.


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